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Monday, 26 April Kiverco News

Kiverco partner with the Mick George Group to deliver a UK first!

The Mick George Group has recently taken delivery of the first Rentec triple shaft shredder to be sold in the UK. The Trirex 26005 is a stationary, slow speed triple-rotor shredder with a hydraulic drive, that will be used at the St Ives site to shred Construction & Demolition (C&D). The shredded waste will then be fed to the existing Kiverco plant, where it will go through a series of processes to separate the waste into a variety of recyclable products.

Friday, 26 March Kiverco News

Collard Group invests in 3 new Kiverco waste recycling plants

The award-winning Hampshire based Collard Group Ltd has procured 3 new Kiverco recycling plants for their depots in Nursling (Hampshire), Chilton (Oxfordshire), and Ewshot (Surrey). The new systems will process Construction, Demolition, Commercial, Industrial, and Household waste as part of a multi-million-pound investment that highlights the Company’s sustainability credentials.


Kiverco chosen by Averda for prestigious project on the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Kiverco has been chosen to design, build and install a waste recycling plant that will help recycle all construction waste from the highly acclaimed The Red Sea Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tuesday, 24 November News, Customer News, Kiverco News

Conferences & Virtual Events: Join Kiverco Online this Week!

It’s a big week for Kiverco. We’re delighted to be taking part in some of the waste recycling’s most prominent events around the world, appearing in 2 online conferences! It’s a year unlike any other, and we’ll be making virtual contributions at 2 major events across the 25th-26th November: the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo and the 7th annual RDF conference.

Thursday, 17 September Kiverco News

A New Take on an Old Idea

Recycling is not new – it has been around for at least 2,000 years and the ancient city of Pompeii was partly built from trash. But there is still much to do to achieve a truly circular economy in construction and demolition waste, says Paul Carolan.

New discoveries at Pompeii, which was abandoned in AD 79, have revealed that the Romans knew a thing or two about recycling. It turns out that part of the city was built out of trash.  Just as today, waste was being sorted, separated, resold and reused in construction.

Large mounds of waste were collected from the city for sorting at the equivalent of what we would today refer to as recycling plants. These piles typically contained municipal waste, ceramic pieces, tiles and plaster.

Monday, 18 May Kiverco News

Modular Plants are Ideal Solution to Tackling Today’s "Wave of Waste"

Friday, 10 April News, Kiverco News, Kiverco Employees

Kiverco Bolsters Team to Support Business Expansion

Kivreco has bolstered its team with a number of key appointments to support business growth in the UK and increasing demand for its recycling solutions in Europe and around the world.

Combining more than a quarter of a century of engineering know-how with the world's best in class technology brands, Kiverco designs, manufactures and delivers lasting recycling solutions for any waste stream anywhere  - with more than 300 installations in the UK alone.