Kiverco News

Wednesday, 28 July

Kiverco to provide a third waste system to Haulaway Ltd

Kiverco has been chosen to design a new static solution for Haulaway Ltd for their new facility in Polegate, East Sussex. The new waste processing system will be used to process and separate different types of plastic and is the third plant that the Company has purchased from Kiverco. The new machine will be capable of processing up to 25tph and will enable the separation of various plastic types and grades to a high level of purity. 

Tuesday, 20 July


Here at Kiverco we’ve enjoyed a busy six months, and as a result, we have grown our team considerably to cope with demand for our products. As the world recovers from an extremely challenging pandemic, we want to acknowledge the hard work, and commitment of our people. They have dealt with every challenge with a positive mindset, which has allowed Kiverco to maintain its position at the forefront in the provision of recycling solutions worldwide.

Thursday, 08 July Kiverco News

Sharp new upgrade to Kiverco waste plant in London.

Sharp Skips, located in the heart of Essex and East London, already operate a successful state-of-the-art Kiverco waste recycling plant with the capacity to deal with most waste materials. The Company processes large volumes of waste, which allows them to help protect the local environment, by segregating, re-using and recycling 100% of materials that would have otherwise been sent to landfill.

Thursday, 10 June Kiverco News

Kiverco donates 5k to local mental health charity.

Mid Ulster Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is relocating to a brand-new state-of-the-art building located in Coalisland, Co Tyrone. The centre due to open at its new location in August, offers free counselling services to anyone who resides or works within the Mid Ulster area. The MACP charity offers guidance on a number of issues that can affect mental health including stress, bereavement, suicide, abuse, redundancy, and work pressures. The charity also works closely with youth groups and schools to highlight issues such as online bullying, substance abuse, and self-image/eating disorders.

Wednesday, 19 May Kiverco News

London waste firm will Excel with help from Kiverco.


Monday, 26 April Kiverco News

Kiverco partner with the Mick George Group to deliver a UK first!

The Mick George Group has recently taken delivery of the first Rentec triple shaft shredder to be sold in the UK. The Trirex 26005 is a stationary, slow speed triple-rotor shredder with a hydraulic drive, that will be used at the St Ives site to shred Construction & Demolition (C&D). The shredded waste will then be fed to the existing Kiverco plant, where it will go through a series of processes to separate the waste into a variety of recyclable products.

Friday, 26 March Kiverco News

Collard Group invests in 3 new Kiverco waste recycling plants

The award-winning Hampshire based Collard Group Ltd has procured 3 new Kiverco recycling plants for their depots in Nursling (Hampshire), Chilton (Oxfordshire), and Ewshot (Surrey). The new systems will process Construction, Demolition, Commercial, Industrial, and Household waste as part of a multi-million-pound investment that highlights the Company’s sustainability credentials.

Friday, 12 March

‘One day install’ for new static waste plant

Kiverco has just launched a series of waste recycling plants that are sure to revolutionise the waste industry. The ‘Ks series’ is a simple yet highly effective range of waste recovery plants that come in modules and provide a minimum of 6 recovered products from various mixed waste streams. The most interesting feature of the new systems is that you can offload, install and operate all in the same day which is sure to be of huge benefit to may companies worldwide.

Tuesday, 09 February

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Why did you choose to pursue an Apprenticeship?

Thursday, 14 January

Kiverco is Growing with 3 New Female Employees

For many companies, 2020 brought its own unique set of challenges. With an unprecedented pandemic, companies had to adapt and find new ways of doing business to continue to grow and flourish. For Kiverco and others in the waste processing space, 2020 also offered opportunities.