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Friday, 12 March

‘One day install’ for new static waste plant

Kiverco has just launched a series of waste recycling plants that are sure to revolutionise the waste industry. The ‘Ks series’ is a simple yet highly effective range of waste recovery plants that come in modules and provide a minimum of 6 recovered products from various mixed waste streams. The most interesting feature of the new systems is that you can offload, install and operate all in the same day which is sure to be of huge benefit to may companies worldwide.

Tuesday, 09 February

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Why did you choose to pursue an Apprenticeship?

Thursday, 14 January

Kiverco is Growing with 3 New Female Employees

For many companies, 2020 brought its own unique set of challenges. With an unprecedented pandemic, companies had to adapt and find new ways of doing business to continue to grow and flourish. For Kiverco and others in the waste processing space, 2020 also offered opportunities. 

Tuesday, 15 December

Kiverco Ltd in 2020: A Year Not to Forget

Here at Kiverco, we’re joining our customers and colleagues in waving goodbye to a truly unforgettable year. Whilst it’s brought its challenges, 2020 has also been a year of growth for the Kiverco team. From launching major projects throughout the globe to expanding our team and sponsoring major industry events, our followers can read all about this year’s major talking points in the latest issue of our newsletter.


Kiverco chosen by Averda for prestigious project on the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Kiverco has been chosen to design, build and install a waste recycling plant that will help recycle all construction waste from the highly acclaimed The Red Sea Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tuesday, 24 November News, Customer News, Kiverco News

Conferences & Virtual Events: Join Kiverco Online this Week!

It’s a big week for Kiverco. We’re delighted to be taking part in some of the waste recycling’s most prominent events around the world, appearing in 2 online conferences! It’s a year unlike any other, and we’ll be making virtual contributions at 2 major events across the 25th-26th November: the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo and the 7th annual RDF conference.

Tuesday, 03 November kiverco recycling equipment

In Focus: Kiverco PS122 Picking Station

Are you thinking of investing in a robust Picking Station? Look no further. The experts at Kiverco are proud to announce that the PS122 four-bay picking station is available for IMMEDIATE sale, letting you reap the benefits of modular recycling without delay!

Thursday, 08 October

Driving Modular Recycling Sales in a Pandemic

2020: it’s been a challenging year for each and every one of us. Whilst the first half of the year saw unprecedented and lengthy lockdowns driven by the first wave of Covid infections, businesses across a range of sectors continue to struggle with the challenges of the virus. In the latest blog from Kiverco, we look at how some of our leading voices have led the way in promoting compact mobile recycling throughout the course of the pandemic. Hats-off to the Kiverco salesmen!

Wednesday, 23 September

Increase in demand for cleaner waste products

There is little doubt that the waste industry is experiencing an increase in demand for more purity in recovered waste products according to Con Gallagher, Head of Global Sales at Kiverco Limited. 

Thursday, 17 September Kiverco News

A New Take on an Old Idea

Recycling is not new – it has been around for at least 2,000 years and the ancient city of Pompeii was partly built from trash. But there is still much to do to achieve a truly circular economy in construction and demolition waste, says Paul Carolan.

New discoveries at Pompeii, which was abandoned in AD 79, have revealed that the Romans knew a thing or two about recycling. It turns out that part of the city was built out of trash.  Just as today, waste was being sorted, separated, resold and reused in construction.

Large mounds of waste were collected from the city for sorting at the equivalent of what we would today refer to as recycling plants. These piles typically contained municipal waste, ceramic pieces, tiles and plaster.