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National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Why did you choose to pursue an Apprenticeship?

 Choosing a career at a young age was daunting as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I finished school. I knew that I wanted to get earning as soon as possible, so I started working as a Bricklayer, but it wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I was always good with practical subjects in school and had an interest in Engineering. I was made aware of the Apprenticeship route and was lucky enough to secure an Apprenticeship which, included a Level 2 Diploma in Engineering through the technical college in Dungannon. This allowed me to study on a part-time basis, to further my education and improve my essential hands-on experience. I had no fees to pay for my further education, so I wasn’t left with any debt like some of my friends who went to university. I was able to earn a wage and start saving.


 Why did you choose Engineering?

 Tyrone is renowned for Engineering, and I knew that there would be good career opportunities in my local area. We have some of the most innovative, cutting-edge companies in the world, and Engineering seemed like a fantastic career to pursue.


 Why did you choose to work for Kiverco, and do you enjoy your role?

 After completing my Apprenticeship and with a good foundation in Engineering, I applied to Kiverco as they had an excellent reputation as an employer in the local area. I’ve been with the company for nearly two years, and I enjoy my work. I work with a fantastic team who are very supportive. The company provides regular training and are very focused on the health & wellbeing of all staff. There are plenty of opportunities to develop my skills and progress my career. In the future, I hope to get the experience of being sent to customer sites to carry out maintenance on Kiverco machinery.