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Kiverco to provide a third waste system to Haulaway Ltd

Kiverco has been chosen to design a new static solution for Haulaway Ltd for their new facility in Polegate, East Sussex. The new waste processing system will be used to process and separate different types of plastic and is the third plant that the Company has purchased from Kiverco. The new machine will be capable of processing up to 25tph and will enable the separation of various plastic types and grades to a high level of purity. 


Established in 1991, Haulaway Ltd is a family-run recycling and waste management company based in East Sussex. The company operates two licensed sites, including a waste transfer station and a recycling distribution facility. 


Steve Walton, Manager at Haulaway Ltd. stated:


“We chose to work with Kiverco again because they are market leaders and visionaries in the waste industry. Their designs and build quality are excellent, and the support and level of customer service is exemplary. Our previous Kiverco plants have worked very well for us, providing reliable and consistent throughput, high levels of output purity, and helping us greatly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. “


Over the past 25 years, Kiverco has grown in capability and reputation for designing, engineering, and building waste processing plants for the waste industry. Their team and presence have grown, and they are recognised as market leaders within the waste industry. They now have over 300 Kiverco waste plants throughout the world, operating in places such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, most of Europe, and the UK. Most of the UK plants process C&D waste, however, Kiverco waste systems are also used to process lighter and less challenging waste streams such as Commercial & Industrial (C&I) waste, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Dry Mixed Recyclable (DMR), and compost. 


JP Devlin, Sales Manager at Kiverco stated:


“We have worked with Haulaway Ltd  for many years, and we are once again very grateful for their recent business. They are a fantastic company and were a real pleasure to work with on this latest project. Steve and the Haulaway team are committed to diverting 100% of their incoming waste from landfill, creating a healthy and cleaner environment for everyone.