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J O'Doherty Haulage Maximises Tonnage Throughput and Increases Efficiency with Kiverco Plant

The Customer

J O’Doherty was formed in 1987 by James O’Doherty who saw a gap in the market to provide a skilled service to the building and construction industry.

Starting out as a single owner driver, his vision was to provide absolute reliability of quality and service. Two decades later, this ethos remains throughout the business, along with a commitment to developing and maintaining the highest standards of care to enhance the environment and prevent landfill as well as pollution.

The Challenge

Being one of the largest waste recycling depots in the London and surrounding area, J O’Doherty cannot afford to fit or work with sub-standard equipment The business specialises in the waste recycling sector and has recently expanded into producing RDF materials. To enhance their position in the market the business needed to invest in a new plant that would give them more throughput and cleaner products which in turn would give them better prices for commodities. After having conducted vast research and having spoken to various organisations, it became clear that Kiverco was the right partner with the right product.

Kiverco was chosen as a result of extensive market research and on the basis of discussions held with other large waste recycling production plants that run similar types of recycling plant, including the Kiverco system. The information gathered showed clearly that the Kiverco system was the best product by far, highlighting the reliability and durability of its design and manufacture. Three other companies provided design and ideas for the solution, however Kiverco became a strong favourite early on.

The Solution

With their new Kiverco plant and baler, the business now has the capacity to take in ex transfer station waste for the production of RDF as well as unprocessed waste.

As in any industry, J O’Doherty does come across obstacles and challenges each and every day. The daily challenge is trying to achieve a good balance between effective separation of waste and being able to process the amount of tonnage required per day in a safe, fast and consistent manner.

Kieran O’Doherty, Operations Manager commented:

“During the early days of production, once the Kiverco system had been put in place, we worked with Kiverco to maximise the tonnage of the plant and maintain a high efficiency level. We have found the Kiverco aftersales service among the best we have come across. We regularly receive site visits by the Kiverco members of staff to ensure the plant is operating successfully and to ensure no issues have arisen. We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship between Kiverco and J O’Doherty Haulage Ltd.”