Kiverco News

Leading the Way in Recycling Plant Innovation

Kiverco are delighted to launch the start of their exciting new Compact Plant. This new range of products, when combined together, provide an alternative to traditional ways of processing waste.

Designed for the small to medium waste processing operator or mobile contractor, certain modular components can be selected and set up within hours - giving all the benefits of a high performance static plant, without compromise. Designed and built by the same team that has successfully produced over 200 static plants since Kiverco began, the initial range includes a Feeder Trommel, Picking Station and Density Separator. All components come with various options and configurations, offering the customer maximum flexibility to obtain a bespoke solution for their waste handling needs.

The Compact Plant range from Kiverco is best suited to any operator who is currently processing waste manually and would like to move to a more efficient way of working. This plant would allow them to process up to 150m3 per hour.

Mobility Without Compromise

With the added advantage of mobility, this should also be of interest to mobile contractors or anyone working at a site on a temporary licence. Relocation is made easy with Kiverco’s Compact Plant range. This plant can be ready to work within a few hours of the equipment arriving on site. This is particularly ideal for sites where space may be at a premium or where there is limited infrastructure and no direct power supply. These machines are diesel electric powered with the option of mains electric power, which also eliminates the risk of hydraulic oil spills during operation.


Each component has been designed with the same uncompromising Kiverco characteristics of solid and robust engineering. They all offer fast, simple and safe on-site set-up capability, thus offering the option of rapid relocation if required. No cranes are required during set up.


The Compact Picking Station combines air and magnetic separation with manual sorting in one complete unit. This allows the recovery of many materials including hardcore, wood, paper, card, metal, plastic and RDF. There is currently a variety of Picking Stations from 2 to 6 bays. These picking stations can accommodate a wide range of skip sizes beneath the picking cabin.


This Compact Density Separator uses the latest in air separation technology. With fast and simple on-site set-up it efficiently separates material into useable fractions to produce clean product. The self-contained DS greatly reduces the amount of material that needs to be sent to landfill, delivering considerable savings in areas where landfill taxes and transport costs are high.


The Compact Feeder Trommel carries out the initial screening of different sized material. A key feature of this machine is that it is fully enclosed with drum outlet covers, which greatly minimises noise and dust. This is especially important on sites located in built up areas. This innovative new design is truly adaptive, with 2 or 3 way split, and is ideal for use across a wide range of applications.