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Grist Group Fines All Cleaned Up By Kiverco

The Customer

Established in the early 1970’s by Nigel Grist, Grist Environmental is one of the leading privately owned waste management companies in Southwest England.

Operating from sites in and around Devizes, Grist Environmental also provides event waste management solutions, metal reclamation, commercial vehicle servicing, vehicle recovery and accident repairs.

The Challenge

Grist Environmental had previously installed a new Kiverco plant, consisting of a feeder, conveyors and a 10 bay double sided picking station -with an overall length close to 45m – in 2012

With the deadline of 1st April 2016 approaching for waste operators, signifying the end of the year long transitional period granted by HMRC in which processors only had to achieve less than 15% LOI (loss on ignition) to meet the lower tax threshold, Grist Environmental were determined to avoid increased disposal costs and adopt a suitable technical solution that would screen the fines material to reduce contaminants, and secondly, to develop a clean reusable aggregate.

Waste fines are produced as part of the recycling process and consist of materials such as stones, aggregates, soil and glass; they have traditionally been treated as an inert product and sent to landfill. However, trommel fines also contain materials such as paper, plastics, organics, wood, metal and textiles. These are classed as contaminants and should be separated and removed before landfill.

The Solution

Kiverco proposed a fines clean up system running alongside Grist Environmental’s existing facility.

  • The plant design consists of
  • Belt Feeder 1m x 4m
  • Overband Magnet @ 150mm Above the Belt
  • Spaleck 1.6 x 5.2 Flip Flow Screen
  • Static KDS 1500 2 Way Split Density Separator
  • QC Picking Cabin
  • Associated Conveyors

Design Capacity is up to 15 tonnes per hour of the fines material.

Jonathan Taylor, Grist Environmental, commented:

"We looked at several possible solutions before choosing Kiverco, who were able to take us to several customers who had fines clean up plants already in operation. Their ability to carry out full testing and analysis on our fines and specify the appropriate plant has been paramount in our decision to choose Kiverco.”

John Lines, Sales and Marketing Director, Kiverco:

“Kiverco recognise the ongoing issues with trommel fines, and would encourage customers to view them as a resource and not a problem. We are pleased that Grist Environmental has recognised that our fines treatment systems incorporate amongst the best technology available and this enables them to turn a problem by-product into material of value and which is compliant with the requirements for either sale or disposal."